Friday, February 11, 2011

DVD Review: TOPSY TURVY CROOKED CAKES and Gumpaste and Chocolate Modeling Clay By Carrie's Cakes

I love TOPSY TURVY CROOKED CAKES and new ideas in cake-decorating and I have read so many books and always thought that the instructions were not easy and clear for a beginner cake decorator like me to do by myself, so no question of me teaching other's . While I was on hunt to get information on learning and understanding how this topsy turvy cakes were made I stumbled upon carrie's cakes website. Yesterday, I received 2 DVD's from Carrie's Cakes


2. Gum Paste and Chocolate Modelling Clay

I have watched her DVD's 3 times till now and I must say she is amazing as a teacher. Her Topsy Turvy Cake method and Gumpaste and Chocolate Modelling Clay DVD's are the best and the most amazingly simple method to work on and  I am so sure that I  never or will ever come across any DVD's or books that will have such simple techniques to make such a difficult and complex looking cake with so much ease.
Her DVD's are one of the best that I have ever watched in Cake-Decorating till date. She has shared all her recipes of making Fondant, Ganache, Chocolate Modeling Clay , Making bows, Quilts, Edible Pearls, Various kinds of flowers, Embroidery  and also has shown using different techniques for decorating and finishing your cake with "Total Confidence".
Carrie is a wonderful Cake-Decorator and it is proved by her work and recognition in cake-world however she is also an otstanding teacher and her DVD'd proves that. I am so thrilled to have these DVD's in my collection or else I would have wasted so many cakes and money to say in frustration of learning these techniques. All the Cake- Decorator's must invest in these DVD's and get this incredible source of knowledge where Carrie shares tips, tricks and methods of simple and easy way of Cake-Decorating. She also has various other DVD's available so there is something more to learn from these DVD"s for all level of Cake-decorator's which you can find here.
I am very curios to know what all information and techniques she may have shared in her other amazing DVD's. Believe me this will be the best investment you will ever do in learning Cake-Decorating.

About Carrie:  Carrie has spent the last 30 years traveling across the United States and Canada to learn the best techniques used to create classic style masterpieces. She continues her travels year after year to ensure her customers have access to the latest trends and designs. Carrie has hosted classes for designers from as far away as South America (Brazil) and the Middle East (Kuwait).

Each of these classes include intense step-by-step workshops where Carrie demonstrates the techniques while working side-by-side with the students to ensure they come away ready to use the techniques for their special events.
Each class is an intimate and semi-private event; Carrie limits the classes to no more than 5 students.
“Your Class Your Way…” Carrie has years of experience traveling to teach the Art of Cake Design. Host a class with Carrie as the instructor at your location!

If interested in learning from Carrie, Class details can be found here.

Pros: Tips, Techniques, Recipes and amaxing information shared on decorating these cakes
Cons: None
Overall: Outstanding DVD"s

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Special Thanks to Carrie for her generosity in sending and being a sponsor of our blog and helping us.

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