Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have you checked some awesome Cake tutorials and Recipes by "Cake Boss"

 Dear Cake Baker's and Decorator's,

Have you checked out these amazing  tutorial that Cake Boss Software team has on her blogs, i discovered it recently and thought should share  it with all of you so you can take advantage of this tutorials and tips to enhance your learning skills.

Castle Cake Tutorials, How to make Fondant Bows, Coral for aquarium cake, Fondant Frog, Fondant Giraffe. Click on the images and links to reach "Cake Boss"
Final castleFinal bow 2
Final aquarium cake

Some  amazing Recipes & Tips for baking and decorating:
Preventing Cake Bulging
Marshmallow Fondant Recipe Tutorial

Sponge Cake
White Velvet wedding Cake
Butter Cream
Cream cheese Frosting
Seedless Raspberry Filling
Coconut cake
Lemon Bars
AppleSauce Bread
Toffee Almond Cookies
Tropical Pineapple cake
Banana Bread

Once again thank you "Cake Boss Software Team" for letting us link your recipe, tips and cake projects
Picture , recipe and tip copyright: Cake Boss

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Happy Holidays,

How to price your cake????

The most common problems we cake-decorators face is " How much should i charge for my cakes", i dont think anyone can ever get the answer for this question right away.Earlier when i started baking/decorating cakes and when i would quote a price i would get looks that would tell me "Are you out of your mind" or "How can you charge me so much we are friends/ or know each other for such a long time". Agreed, i know you for a long time, i am charging more then your local  Walmart/ Publix/ Kroger does however do you know when you ask me to bake/decorate the cake i do it only for you and just you . I work  on that cake according to your requirements and design including the taste, look of the cake infact even the colors.Does your local walmart or kroger do this and the answer to this question would be "No". You get to choose only from what designs they have avaialble if you ask them anything over and above they sure charge you.They would not bother to make sure they meet all your requirements such as design, color, taste etc.

I was just like you when i had to decide on the price or how much to charge a cake unless i discovered this great article by "Cake Boss" and today i am happy that "Cake Boss" software team has given the permission to me to share these faq's that she has answered on Pricing.It is worth a read for all Cake-Decorator's and also for customer's to understand why and what makes a cake-decorator  decide and to reach the price they do.

"Cake-Boss" software has covered some topics like mentioned below and it is worth reading this link :

Am I charging too much for my cakes?

How do I know what people will pay for a cake in my community?

Wal-Mart sells their cakes for $15!  I can't match that price, much less beat it!

To price your cakes, what are four elements to be aware of?

She also has a pricing software for all those who want to be organised and to know how much to charge and track profits.I would love to have one too...soon!!!

P.S:We would love to thank "Cake Boss" and her team for giving the permission to post this article on this blog.

If you would love to be get updates, tips and recipes follow our blog, that would make us happy for all the effort we put in. If you would love to share tips, recipes pls email us at the email addrs provided.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Planning to attend classes with Nicholas Lodge

I am super thrilled ...well why.I have been saving money for sometime now to attend 1 class with Nicholas Lodge( if you don't know him google him).I always wanted to do 1 class with him.I love his books and would read and see his instructions for hours whenever i would go to B&N.Finally, i have saved some money from my cake orders to take a class with him...yaaaayyyyy.(Trust me had to work really hard to get that money collected but worth the effort).

Happy Holidays to everyone.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Cindrella shoe cake

Well we may have grown up however there is still a kid inside US. I am sure we all had some character we always loved.This cake order was for someone celebrating her bdays in late 30's but always loved cindrella.She wanted me to make a cindrella shoe for her bday...turned out good and she loved it.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Golden theme Cake

Just delivered a cake order.The cake was for a lady for her 85th bday and i thought it should have a golden theme to celebrate the golden years of life she has spent till now.They just loved the cake and what makes my day is to see a smile on the face of the loved ones.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ICES Member

I am feeling proud as now i have become member of ICES i.e. International Cake Exploration Societe. I am planning on attending quiet a few classes in future and enhancing my cake skills.
If anyone interested about ICES visit them at


Cake Pics

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cake pics from Wilton Courses 1 to 5

I dont have pictures for all the cakes that i did after every wilton class however was fortunate to have clicked some and kept and would like to share them with you'll.Do you have anything to share would love to see or post it here.


Welcome to my Cake for all Occasion world.

This is a little corner of my creative world.I will be posting all my cake pics, tips and would love to learn and share with all the other baker's and cake decorators out there.To give a brief how i started, well when i came from India to US i thought i would get a job and work will keep me busy.When it failed to happen after the 1st year i thought that i shouldn't waste time and pursue my creativity to next level.Well one day i was at Michaels and there i saw a big advertisement from Wilton for cake decorating and viola my journey and passion for cake decorating began and continues and will continue.I have complete all 5 courses from Wilton and currently enrolled with ICES(International Cake Exploration Societe). I know it wont be easy and less expensive to learn the courses i want too but i will do it by taking one step at a time...wish me luck.