Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have you checked some awesome Cake tutorials and Recipes by "Cake Boss"

 Dear Cake Baker's and Decorator's,

Have you checked out these amazing  tutorial that Cake Boss Software team has on her blogs, i discovered it recently and thought should share  it with all of you so you can take advantage of this tutorials and tips to enhance your learning skills.

Castle Cake Tutorials, How to make Fondant Bows, Coral for aquarium cake, Fondant Frog, Fondant Giraffe. Click on the images and links to reach "Cake Boss"
Final castleFinal bow 2
Final aquarium cake

Some  amazing Recipes & Tips for baking and decorating:
Preventing Cake Bulging
Marshmallow Fondant Recipe Tutorial

Sponge Cake
White Velvet wedding Cake
Butter Cream
Cream cheese Frosting
Seedless Raspberry Filling
Coconut cake
Lemon Bars
AppleSauce Bread
Toffee Almond Cookies
Tropical Pineapple cake
Banana Bread

Once again thank you "Cake Boss Software Team" for letting us link your recipe, tips and cake projects
Picture , recipe and tip copyright: Cake Boss

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Happy Holidays,

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