Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Cakes to Dream On

"Cakes to Dream On" by Colette Peter's  are mostly considered as  cake-decorators bible. This book has some absolutely gorgeous and stunning presentation of crooked cakes which Colette is know for.
 In this book the author takes you through "How-to" at the beginning of the book followed by the cake pictures that the author has created. I am a huge fan of Colette Peter's however I would say this book serves as a master class for people who are either very experienced or have taken classes from her to understand the techniques or are very very creative and good in reading and understanding the pictures. The book is not at all written by keeping in mind a novice or intermediate decorator.

Other thing, there are templates  provided in the book however that was another part I am not happy  is getting it enlarged on heavy paper which I dont think a normal deigner or learner would have option of doing it at home if she decides to start designing a cake. You will need to plan all this before you decide to decorate. I personally like to decorate when I am in mood rather than plan it.
The cakes recipes and icings are not anything different then most books would offer. Infact I know some books who have some amazing cake and icing recipes in it.

Finally the decorating part where I think she should have taken more time explaining in detail such as painting with colors. airbrushing, cake-sculpting. These areas are just touched upon with an assumption everyone would know about it which is  not true not atleast for someone like me. This book would be great if you are a master yourself or have learnt from master's already.

Pros: Great pictures, ideas
Cons: Lacks information and written with advanced decorators point of view
Overall: Nice Book

Author: Colette Peter's.
Book can be purchased at Amazon and Wiley.
Picture copyright Wiley.



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