Friday, June 17, 2011

Cakes for All Occasions by Geraldine Kidwell

Geraldine Kidwell is a very known cake and sugar artist and it rarelt may happen that someone who loves cake-decorating may not be familiar with her. "Cakes for All Occasion" by Geraldine Kidwell is a book that you would love to have in your library. We always have parties, baby-shower, birthdays and wonder what cake design should we do and how...well this book is an answer to your questions.

The author has some amazing cake-projects in this book along with her expertise in explaining how-to do it. The book is divided in 6 main chapters  with topics such as
Celebrating A New Baby
Toddler to Pre-Teen
Teen Celebrations
Wedding Celebrations
The Golden Years
Each of these main topic has 2-3 projects so total 18 projects that you can work on depending on occasions. I love all however my favorites are Angelic toddler , Something Blue and Honey Do Box as I have some occasions where they fit perfectly and I am sure I will be using each of the projects in future too..
So whether you are a professional cake artist or do it at home for fun, I am sure you will love this book for the projects, beautiful pictures and detailed explanation from a cake-expert.

Book can be purchased at Schiffer Books and

Picture copyright Schiffer Books

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