Friday, January 7, 2011

Book review: " A WORLD OF CAKE"

This book written by author Krystina Castrella, offers 150 Recipes.It takes you from 5000 BCE to present in detail explaining history behind each cake recipe and with geographical location.The book not only gives you mouth-watering recipes, it also explains and describes that cakes have cultures and customs and have family tree too. It also has a "Cake Holiday" table with each month showing what cakes should be baked for that month and why.
I love this book for the detailed explanations on all kinds of cakes in categories such as Dense, Creamy , Fluffy, Chewy for e.g. Butter Cakes, Chessecakes, Chiffon cakes, Dumplings, Fritters, Flat cakes, Foam Cakes, Fruit Cakes, Honey Cakes, Ice Cream cakes, Meringues, Pasteries, Torts,Trifles and many more.
The Book has also covered topics from selecting bakeware, mixing, kneading, cooling, steaming and using water bath to double boiler.
Pros: The book is just too good for any level of cake-baker or decorator. This book is a must in every cake lover's library and will be very appealing to all who love baking and cake decorating. This book covers 150 global recipes, history and geography along with beautiful pictures which I personally like because I loved the idea that we can relate and explain the cake history to our present and future generations.
Cons: None

Overall:Outstanding Book

About the author: Krystina Castella is a professor at the Art Center College of Design, where she teaches Materials Explorations and Design Entrepreneurship. She is the founder of the Design Entrepreneur Network and has owned a manufacturing and licensing company that created housewares, toys, and stationary products. Her previous books are Pops!, Crazy About Cupcakes , and Discovering Nature’s Alphabet, and she has been published in Craft magazine. Krystina lives in southern California.

Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60342-576-6
Book available at Barnes and Noble. Amazon and at Storey Direct.
Picture and some text Copyright: Storey Publishing

Special Thanks to Storey Publishing for providing the review copy of the book.

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