Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sky high IRRESISTABLE TRIPLE-LAYER CAKES By Alisa Huntsman and Peter Wynne.

sky high IRRESISTABLE TRIPLE-LAYER CAKES is written by Alisa Huntsman and Peter Wynne. I totally love this book. There are some amazing recipes for a triple-layer cakes with various kinds of filling and frostings. I would have never dared to try a triple-layer if this book had not motivated me. The recipes have minimal decoration but yet they look amazing which i think is the best part. The book starts with Introduction to triple layer cakes and about fillings and frosting. It also has chapter on baking basics, cake varieties , techniques you need to know and ingredients and equipment's required to make this triple layer cakes. Then the author provides you with delicious combination of recipes for vanilla cakes, chocolate cakes, fruit-flavored cakes, nut and spice cakes, cakes with world of flavor and holiday and special occasion cakes.

This book is a must have in all cake bakers & decorators library. The cake tastes just amazing and the book teaches you various combination that you can explore with easy and straight-forward explanation. The book will amaze you with new and various mixing techniques and much more. Each of this cakes will definitely earn lots of praises from family and friend's.
So next time when you bake cake it is definitely going to be sky high.

About the author:
Alisa Huntsman graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and is the pastry chef at the Loveless Café in Nashville, Tennessee.
Peter Wynne is an author and newspaper journalist. He lives in Pennsylvania.
Photographer : Tina Rupp is a New York-based photographer.
Pro's:  Amazing book
Con's: Not all recipes have photo's but i don't think that matter's.
Overall: Excellent Book
Book's can be purchased at Amazon, Chronicle Books and B&N
ISBN 0811854485
ISBN13 9780811854481

Special Thanks to Chronicle Books for review copy.
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