Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review:Junior's Cheesecake Cook Book

Hi Everyone, Yesterday I made a cheese cake for dinner at home for some friends that we had invited. I had never tried cheese cake before so I was a bit nervous if this may turn out good however I still gave it a shot thinking there always have to be a 1st time. When I served the cheese cake the guest were surprised to know it was made at home and not ordered and they loved it so much. Well that made my effort worth it, now you may think where did I get that recipe from. Recently, I had asked Taunton press to send me Junior's Cheesecake Cook Book and that book was the reason for all the praises I received yesterday for dinner. I had to make this cake for review and I must say the recipe in the book turned out just great. This book has 50 cheese cake recipes for New York style cheese cake. The recipes are very well written and easy to understand. I think this book is worth buying.

About the Junior's: Welcome to Junior's, the home of the #1 New York cheesecake, the cheesecake that all others aspire to be. Come on down to Brooklyn, to the corner of DeKalb and Flatbush Avenue Extension, and find out what makes this cheesecake better than any other. You'll feel right at home the minute you open the door -- someone's always there, smiling and waiting to say, "Welcome to Junior's!" Take a seat at the counter and order a slice of our famous cheesecake, just like folks have been doing ever since the 1950s. Now get ready for the best cheesecake you've ever tasted!
At first glance, you'll see that Junior's cheesecake is different from all the others. This slice of cheesecake is straightforward, plain, and homemade looking. Nothing fancy, not even sour cream or whipped cream on top. Rather, it's cake-like and golden on top, not pale or milky white. And no graham cracker crust for this cake! Instead, it's baked on a delicate sponge cake -- the same kind you make for a birthday cake. Put in your fork to break off a bite. It's so dense and rich that it holds together and still stands proud -- not dry or crumbly. Now, take a taste. It's smooth, satiny, oh-so-creamy, and so good that you're immediately ready to take a second bite -- then another and another until only the memory of the best cheesecake you've ever eaten is left. As the reporter Ron Rosenbaum once wrote in The Village Voice, "The cheesecake at Junior's is like 'edible ivory.' It's the closest thing to heaven one can imagine -- it's a slice of cheesecake, made the real New York way."
As you might expect, a cake this fine wasn't created in a day!

Pros: Great Recipe with clear and well written explanation.
Cons: All the recipes are not accompanied by pictures
Overall: GreatBook

Book can be purchased at Amazon and TauntonStore.com
Author and Picture: Taunton Press copyright. Thanks for review copy.

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